Beard Showcase – Nico C

Growing time: 14 months (I retired from active military service in 2015- no
beards allowed per regs. I started with a mustache after retirement then
added a goatee. Mustache and goatee until November 2017 when I let the
beard grow).
Favorite beard oil/balm/butta: Beard Octane neutral scent. Such a great

Beard Advice: Set a beard length goal and stay away from scissors/clippers
and mirrors until you hit that length goal. When you get to your length
goal, trim the bottom of your beard only. Keep the sides in control with
styling and product.

You can will see Nico on YouTube with the username Nico C.

Beard Showcase - Nico C 1
Beard Showcase - Nico C 2
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