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Recently I was talking to a buddy of mine and he said every time he tried beard oil, his skin would break out. His skin was just too sensitive for all of the beard oils he tried. He was using beard oil he picked up from the drug store and even though they claim the product is all natural, they often contain fragrance oils and other additives that can irritate sensitive skin.

I really love small batch beard oil companies. These small batch companies really focus on quality and can offer some of the best all natural products. If you’re like my buddy, a guy with sensitive skin, I have a recommendation for you. It’s the product line from the Lone Bear Beard company.

Lone Bear Beard specializes in products that are all natural and pure. Their beard oils have a base made from pure organic jojoba, argan, fractionated coconut oil and sweet almond oil, arguably the best oils for your skin. Lone Bear Beard also uses only pure essential oils, so you won’t have to worry about fragrance oils which may irritate the skin.

What makes their balms unique is the fact they are made from all natural beeswax. In addition to the beeswax, they are also made from unrefined natural organic shea butter, pure organic jojoba oil, pure fractionated coconut oil and high quality sweet almond oil along with high quality essential oils. These balms are great for conditioning and styling the beard. The Lone Bear Beard balms have a medium hold to them.

Lone Bear Beard Balm

One thing I found really cool from talking to the owners of this small batch company, they even use their products on their own children. I know what you’re probably thinking, their kids have beards? No, actually because the the high quality and purity of their products, they are able to use their beard oils to treat dry skin and lips and to help control acne. Heck, their products have even been used on the dog for his skin issues! Lone Bear Beard’s products are just great for those who have sensitive skin, or anyone with a beard for that matter!

Lone Bear Beard offers high quality products that would recommend to anyone, but especially to those with sensitive skin. They also smell great and are not overpowering.

Lone Bear Beard Scents

Bare Bare – Bare Bear is their unscented line. This is a great product for those who prefer non-scented products.

Black Bear – Black Bear is super unique. It’s made from Black Pepper. I was surprised how much I liked this scent, it is a very manly smell and I think it’s scent will pleasantly surprise you!

Grizzly Bear – Grizzly Bear is a outdoors lover scent. It’s scent profile comes from cedar. I like the amount of scent Grizzly Bear has. It’s easy to over do the scent on these outdoor types of scents, but this one has the perfect amount.

Arctic Bear – Arctic Bear is a refreshing mint scent. This is one I can definitely see myself wearing when going outside in the summer heat. Peppermint in summer is a match made in Heaven!

Panda Bear – Panda Bear is a mandarin orange scent for those citrus lovers and smells just like you ate an orange but without the sticky hands!

Brew Bear – From the moment I smelled Brew Bear I fell in love. I love coffee scents, and Brew Bear is the best I have come across yet. It’s scent profile is a vanilla coffee, but it’s blended so well. It’s the absolute perfect amount of both scent. Brew Bear ranked high on my best smelling beard oils list, to found out how high, click here.

Sun Bear – Sun Bear is their brand new scent line and smells just like a lemon drop candy. Its funny how the smell of this scent can really lift your mood.

Other Products Offered By Lone Bear Beard

Besides beard balms and beard oils, Lone Bear Beard also offers some really good beard brushes and beard combs. I really love their two sided pocket comb.

Lone Bear Beard - Beard Comb
Lone Bear Beard – Beard Comb

Where To Purchase Lone Bear Beard Products

Lone Bear Beard products can be purchased from their website, which directs you to their Etsy store. You can use the code SIMPLEMAN19 to get free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

About Lone Bear Beard

Lone Bear Beard is a small batch company that prides themselves on quality. They operate out of Grandview, Missouri. I have spoken to the owner, Keith, at length about his products and his passion for them shows. Lone Bear Beard is a company I am proud to recommend!

Lone Bear Beard

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