What Order Do You Apply Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Butter?

Does the order in which you apply beard oil, beard balm and beard butter matter? Actually it matters quite a bit to get the most effective results from your products. In this article we will definitely answer the question of what order you should apply your beard oil, beard balm and beard butter.

Beard Oil First

Beard oil should always be applied first. Beard oil primarily benefits the skin. If you skin is in poor condition, your beard will also suffer. If you could only use one product, beard oil would be tha product. Beard oil also has benefits for your beard as well. When you wash your beard, it removes oils that protect your beard hair. Beard oil replaces those lost oils and helps to protect your beard, making it healthier overall.

After applying oil, its best to give it a few minutes to absorb into the skin before applying your next product. If you apply another product immediately after applying beard oil, the oil may repel the other product, just like how oil and water don’t mix together.

Balm or Butter Second

Beard balm and beard butter generally aren’t applied at the same time. The balm is typically best used during the day. It much thicker than butter and can be used to style the beard. Balm helps to condition the hair and protect it.

Karma Beard Balm by Beard Octane
Karma Beard Balm by Beard Octane

Beard butter is best used during the night to provide hydration to both the skin and the beard. Beard butter can also be used during the daytime and can help to style the beard some, but is not generally as effective as beard balm.

In Conclusion

So when caring for your beard and applying beard products, beard oils always goes on first. Wait a few minutes when apply either your  beard balm or beard butter.

Also if you  beard and skin are fairly oily already, you can always forego beard oil. Afterall, you don’t want an overly greasy beard. So make sure and apply your products in moderation.

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